Chelsea Houghton

Leicestershire, United Kingdom

As aromatherapy students in 1984, Sue and Geoff found it extremely difficult to find suppliers of good quality essential oils and accessories. Due to their training they recognised the vital importance of purity, but at that time there were only a handful of suppliers to choose from in the United Kingdom and the quality, availability, breadth of range and prices of some left much to be desired.

It soon became clear they had been duped regarding the quality and origins of some oils they were buying, and Geoff quickly earned a bad reputation for being a troublesome customer, since it is not in his nature to accept second best. Being an enquiring perfectionist was quite an asset in those early pioneering years, and possibly accounts for Geoff becoming the first choice as Chairman of the Aromatherapy Trade Council (ATC) when it was formed many years later in 1993.

Unable to find consistently high quality oils, in early 1985 they set out to find their own sources of supply wherever possible, bringing peace of mind and certainty that their clients would be getting treatments using the very best oils available. Before long, colleagues and students inquired where they might buy the the oils they were using since they could appreciate the difference. Later that year, Quinessence was launched.

Throughout the growth of the company, the reason it was originally established was always kept in mind and today Quinessence are more committed than ever to supplying botanically identified, biologically active, pure essential oils that have been subjected to the most rigorous quality control procedures. Ethical issues such as animal testing, conservation, recycling and fair trading are also addressed in a responsible and transparent manner.

Aromatherapy oils, Organic Essential Oils, Massage Oils and essential oil from aromatherapy experts Quinessence.

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