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Press Release: Unique Portable White AROMIQUE Aromatherapy Diffuser.

Whether you need aromatherapy for good health or you need your house to smell wonderful, diffusing essential oils into any surroundings is the best way to do it. An electrical oil diffuser is the most economical way of using essential oils for reaching aromatherapy.

This unique, portable and extremely affordable product is recently introduced by AROMIQUE for those who are searching for an aromatherapy. For better health and good breathe diffusing essential oil has become a very common method. The studies have shown that essential oils have antibacterial properties and helps in fighting cold, flu, or even cancer.

AROMIQUE cool mist humidifier, vaporizer and diffuser utilize an ultrasonic cold water system so that the oils are not heated and used at an optimum temperature for maximum results. For creating a mesmerizing atmosphere all you need is to add a few drops to an electric AROMIQUE diffuser and enjoy wondrous aroma of natural plants and herbs. You can breathe in beautiful smell that can stimulate emotions, and create unforgettable memories.

Buying AROMIQUE product means you will enjoy all 5 functions in one, such as aroma therapy diffuser, air cleanser, ionizer, night light decor, disinfectant and humidifier. This unit is extremely light weight/120 ml capacity, has automatic shut button and 6 color changing LED stripes. Available in white color with cubical design this works great for gym, baby room, bedroom, office, washroom, yoga centre, etc.

With every purchase you will also receive a special E-book that will introduce you with the secrets of essential oils and its beneficial properties. This book has all the interesting facts about myriad of essential oils available that are used by health experts to improve your fitness and protect from dangerous ailments.



AROMIQUE Aroma oil white diffuser has an empowering affect to disinfect and purify the air around you. Use of this electric diffuser you will not only remove bacteria but also can neutralize the unpleasant smell. The stylish cubical AROMIQUE aroma oil diffuser is a helpful step towards protecting and conserving our planet earth.