miles church

hey wats up friends!! im miles!! ✌ im a chaotic evil, isfp/infj, libra and im 15 yrs old!! 😊

im white passing latinx (mexican) and im fluent in english + learning spanish. i tend to type pretty fast and so my posts will often have typos and will look prtty messy overall. pleas do notmake fun of my typing (or me in general)

my identity is weird and consists mainly of these characters: miles upshur (outlast), leonard church (rvb), anders (da), and felix (rvb) 😌 pls dont follow if we share ids or u see sm1 else as one of my ids

my main interests (special interests: ⭐) are: ⭐dragon age, ⭐hunter s. thompson, ⭐fear and loathing in las vegas, ⭐red vs blue, ⭐mass effect, ⭐the deep web, game grumps and vanoss gaming

im an aspie ☀ im also psychotic and narcisstic u.u i hav paranoia, ptsd, anxiety, and depression ⛅ i am trying my hardest.. pls be patient w/ me

im aromantic and asexual 😷 im very open to having a qpp and i lov making friends!!! dont be scared to befriend me!!

because this account is supr personal to me, itd mean a lot to me if we could become mutuals on my school/aesthetic acc, @alienkink, before u followed this one!!

dont bother following me if you wont like my posts and/or wont pay attention to me when i am upset or talking about my interests (especially my special interests)