Aron Jaworski


Hello everybody, this is my first post, so I am going to introduce myself.
I'm Aron Jaworski, I'm just 18 and live in Poland. As you can see from the blog's title, I'm fond of videogames as well as technology in general.
I played my first game 13 years ago, and consequently from that moment I began to like all of them. But only today I made a decision to begin a weblog about my passion. Precisely, why?

Given that between my friends in the real world I am the only one who enjoys PCs as well as videogames, I would like to share this passion with someone around the world, somebody who really enjoys videogames and reads meticulously and happily my own posts. To make certain that my readers will want to follow me, right here you'll find guides, news as well as other useful posts, and definitely not even a single bullshit. I promise on my honor I won't disappoint you!

Yes, this introduction post is quite short, but I hope you will follow me! Stay tuned!