Aron Prince

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Executive summary

Over four years of de facto practice in the vehicle locksmithing industry in Piscataway Township NJ. Recognized as being a dedicated technician giving over 110% work in everything.
Continually learning new techniques to advance my proficiency as locksmith to help make sure that the clients's residences and corporations are invulnerable 24/7 a day.
I am excelling at interacting conclusively with a broad range of external and internal persons in complex situations.

I deliver actual practice in repairing and installing locks, including altering dysfunctional locks including pad locks and door kick-in protections and repair of ignition switch.
Nicknamed " locksmith Piscataway Township, NJ ", I have numerous tasks that needed an expert Piscataway Township locksmith.


Repair damaged locks including window security products and pad locks

Repair ignition switch problems

Give emergency locksmith services

Replace car remotes

Emergency locksmith services

Installing and replacing locks of all kinds including First Alert security lock box and Sentry cash box

Unlocking of any type of vehicle, be it 1999 Honda, 1999 Ford Escort, 2008 Honda Civic Coupe or any other vehicle


Piscataway Township Locksmith Security - Piscataway Township NJ (November 2006 - 2015)

Piscataway Township Locksmith Pros - Piscataway Township NJ (December 2003 - December 2005)

Piscataway Regional branch of TD Bank - Piscataway Township NJ (December 1993 - Nov 1997)