Aron Satchell

A financial services technology evangelist who is passionate about how technology can assist the delivery of financial advice under Web 2.0.

I believe there has never been a more exciting time to work within financial services industry with emerging web and mobile technology delivering consumer driven solutions that address both planner and consumer needs for high quality and cost-effective provision of advice.

I’ve had a broad Financial Services career having held positions as Senior Para-planner, Planner, Compliance Officer and Business Services Team Leader. Within the Business Services role I held project management responsible for design, development and deployment of both business process and technology solutions. I’ve been involved on many projects and am familiar with key technologies used within the financial services industry covering CRM, Data feeds, Financial Modelling, Licensee Operations and Investment Management.

I am very interested in using mobile, tablet and web technology to enhance the financial planning process and delivery of advice, and am keen to network with link minded others.