Alexis Roote

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Heey, so you want you to know a little about me. My life, my story isn't too great to be honest. I was a troubled child and I still struggle to keep it real. Ill make it through the tunnel eventually, I just need to be positive. I need to be happy and good things will come my way. I currently live with my boyfriend who doesn't think I even like him. laugh out loud, he makes me happy but his pain towards me is ripping my soul out.

My family, is scattered. My mom lives in Kincardine with her three kids and her third alcoholic boyfriend/ baby daddy. although don't get me wrong I love my siblings and my mother to death I wouldn't change them for the world. I like to spend time with them now that im older and not annoyed by screaming kids. my brother doesn't scream hes 18 months or just over it I don't know exactly, but hes so happy hes such a pleasant baby, like hes never crys and he loves to stay over at my place so it great :) My other half is not soo good, my father killed himself; carbon monoxide, in 2013 so its been a rough two years to be honest. His death has taught me somethings and has made me make poor choices for myself. I guess that's what happens though when your brain is traumatized. you cant exactly think right or straight.

Ive made bad choices with the boys I have decided to get involved with, ive made bad choice about the drugs that I try. I usually just smoke weed, and darts. but recently I have tried meth, mdma, shrooms. im not too sure what I was thinking to think that it would be okay to do meth, I know its a terrible drug. but I was looking for a way out and to be honest with you. I had so much fun I wish I could be that high all the time, but Andrew obviously doesn't like it so I cant do hard drugs. I shouldn't anyways. if I get pregnant I cant be addicted to hard drugs that's insane. I was pregnant once but I miscarried, im over this typing, theres the just of my shitty life. the rest is in my bio..

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