Alan Arora

Alan Arora is a real estate professional operating from the Los Angeles area. He boasts nearly 20 years of managerial experience in real estate. This industry leader has consistently offered an impressive level of commitment and dedication to his profession.

Educational Background

Alan began his career with a degree in liberal arts from the University of California, Santa Cruz. He enjoyed the broad applicability of a liberal arts degree in helping him develop his own career trajectory. Upon graduation, Alan served as Vice President of Profitability for AlphaGraphics, Inc. until 1997. He attributes his liberal arts degree as the footwork by which he could succeed in this and all subsequent leadership roles.

A History of Success

Mr. Arora began his foray into the real estate industry in 1997. He assumed the role of Chief Executive Officer for Real Estate Business Services, Inc. He also simultaneously held the role of CEO for a separate company, Real Estate Broker Owner Solutions, LLC, from 2006 to 2009.

Currently, Alan serves as the V.P. of Customer Facing Technology at the First American Corporation.

Investing in the Future

Alan has always placed a strong emphasis on identifying in new technologies and innovation. One of his most recent developments is in connecting the real estate industry to the iPhone app market. He headlined the development of a feature-driven app which offers users the following:

GPS linking between a user's phone and an available propertyNeighborhood-based listing searchesClear price and feature listings for real estateSingle click property record accessSatellite linkup for property verification

These features provide a higher degree of control to both real estate professionals and buyers. This project reflects Alan Arora's commitment to continued success in every position he holds. He anticipates a rich future filled with continued innovation.