Ali Roselli

Student and bartender in New Jersey


My name is Allison Roselli. I am a recent addition to the Rutgers University alumni, the New Brunswick campus. My time spent there accumulated a Bachelors in Psychology, a minor in education and a multitude of leadership experiences that helped shape who I am today. My next journey is graduate school to pursue a degree in Nutrition with a focus on Dietetics. Pursuing a degree in an area of incredible interest is important to me as is inspiring those around me. I believe when a person is passionate enough in their interests and endeavors those around them are affected and influenced to pursue their own passions.

Outside of school work I enjoy rock climbing, hiking and generally being outdoors, country music, and meeting new people. I believe in always forming new friendships, working hard for your achievements and that there is always time for tea with a friend.

  • Education
    • Rutgers University