Andrew Rosener

Father, Sales, and Fixer in Panama City, Panama

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Andrew Rosener is CEO of leading domain broker Media Options and is considered a thought leader in the "Naming" space and the valuation methodology, purchase & sale of domain names. Clients include Fortune 500 companies like Dow Jones down to startups like and everyone in between. Andrew has been featured in Forbes,, Yahoo, NY Times,, Huffington Post,,, DNJournal,, & many other premier news outlets. He specializes in helping companies in the naming process as well as the acquisition & sale of high value domain names.

In addition to being a domain broker & investor, Andrew is also involved in, as a founder and/or investor, multiple other companies and startups such as:

RAEN - Premium optics & eyewear - B2B Media for the legal cannabis industry

LotoLabs - Patented Magnetic Induction Vaporization system - Lead Generation Company

Vida - Enterprise & Consumer Health Management

DigitalCandy - Copyright management made easy!

SteepHill - The leading cannabis testing lab in the USA - Every day is Christmas at! - Delivering samples of hemp based products once a month to your door

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    • University of Rhode Island
    • Bond University