Ashley Rossi

Consultant and Project Manager in New York

In 2014, I was hired as a project manager for a spring water development site in the western Catskill Mountains of New York. This experience afforded me the opportunity to work with highly respected professionals including engineers, hydrogeologists, state officials, bottled water safety experts, and industry insiders. The unique knowledge of developing a spring from scratch only deepened the respect and admiration I have for mother nature and the hydrologic cycle. Studying water has permanently impacted my world-view. This led me to study Permaculture and in 2015 I graduated from the Hancock Permaculture Center in Hancock, NY, under the guidance of Andrew Leslie Phillips.

While on my journey, I have received guidance from a Sufi mystic on the healing and spiritual aspects of water. This expanded my understanding even further and propelled me into studying water energetics and water as a tool for healing.

Having worked in a variety of settings including corporate, start-up, and private equity, I am now entering the entrepreneurial path.

I hope to continue sharing and teaching the knowledge I have acquired about water through the framework of Permaculture.