Aroub Soubh

Mother, Consultant, and Project Manager in Jordan

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A working mother...Environment friendly human...Social activist.

I'm passionate for justice ,dreamer of a better world..

Designer ,Art Lover .. Media for children and Youth is my specialty...

Having a profound interest in politics and youth development, Aroub Soubh has been using new media as a platform to inspire the change she aspires to see. For more than twenty years, Soubh has been presenting television programs and writing articles that address the social issues and youth, as she believes the real change will emanate from the empowerment of this segment. Soubh has succeeded in founding an intimate relationship with generations of youth, who have tuned in and learnt from her infamous television show, “Waqt Al Farah.” Soubh is also the official Media Spokesperson for the Jordanian coalition, My Nationality is the Right of My Family. In addition to consulting for international agencies like the Euro Mid Human Rights Monitor, Soubh sits on several boards for organizations working on human rights issues, and speaks at universities, conferences, and events on gender equality, and the rights of children and youth throughout the Arab region, and soon to graduate with masters degree from the university of Jordan studying Human Rights and Human Development .

Soubh recently launched her dream project "Waqt Al Farah YouTube Chanel" to

enrich the Arabic content on the Internet for children.

Her weekly blog on MonteCarlo-Doualiya Radio also opened a new pan Arab dimension for her influence on human and social issues .

Bataleh is her nickname

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