I am a senior at the University of Washington with a major in Communications.

Throughout the past few years, I have taken courses many writing and television study courses as well as speech and effective mangerical communication classes. As a result, I would consider myself a great communicator. I also am interested in learning more about the marketing and promotion industry because it seems to go well with communications.

In the next year, I am looking to go into an editor position as well as public relations or marketing. I am currently about to start my first internship this spring quarter at KOMO 4 News and very excited to grow in learn in my potential work field.

I am excited to graduate and see what my future as in store.

Below is some work that I have done in some previous classes such as a reasearch website done on Kindle I worked on with some group members. In addition is a digital final portfolio for a writing class. These demonstrate my ability to put together website in a designated template by adding text/ pictures/ and video with HTML codes .