Andrew Rowls

My interests span the spectrum. Politics, religion, life, video games, science fiction, books, movies, computers -- in no particular order, because the order changes regularly.

In politics, I identify with the Tea Party movement. Traditionally, I've "been a Republican," but that label is fast outgrowing its relevance to my strongly conservative beliefs.

In religion, I'm a Christian. I've been attending a house assembly since approximately 2004 -- and I can tell you, its a much more personal experience than the weekly entertainment that calls itself "church."

Given my interests and strong leanings in religion and politics, I enjoy conversations about life. How we should handle situations, current events, theological debates, and general exploratory conversation.

In video games, I prefer first-person shooters, particularly the Halo series. I've tried other games, such as Bioshock and Call of Duty, but they don't hit the sweet spot that Halo does. Although, Bioshock did have a great storyline.

I enjoy most scifi, whether it be books, movies, or games. What I expect, though, is a bit of brain-expansion -- I appreciate plots that go to the trouble of thinking out and explaining heavily-fictional scenarios. One of my long-time peeves is how under-utilized telekinesis is, in nearly every plot that uses it.

In books, I mostly like exploration-type, non-fiction books. Examples include Strong Father, Strong Daughter by Meg Meeker and Wild at Heart by John Eldredge. Books that explore life, and how it should be approached.

In movies, I almost exclusively watch science and fantasy fiction, though I also enjoy the occasional drama.

And then there are computers. I'm a web developer by trade, so I have a deeper knowledge of how electronics work than most people. I also work with Linux daily. I am a geek, and not afraid (maybe even proud) to admit it. I work on others' projects for a living, and I tinker with pet projects in my free time.