Arpan Baruah

My First Poem.......

The flushy sounds of the groaning river,
The Gelid weather and the tropical rain;
But still I lay down with all I have,
As I am what I was and that’s for sure,
The alluvion makes me mingle; the flow makes me jingle,
The sun makes my day as the light makes me slay
The night makes me dime as the moon makes me shine
But one day he came and carry me down to the city of preys
The mystical lights, the look-alike sights,
The groaning sound the choking voice,
The things I had are now the things to share
Gone are the days when I used to shine,
Now the dingy stone is what is mine.

I waited for the year with the mingle in mind……………….

Then one day I felt my heart
Like a feather rolling down the high.
With a gentle peek she wakes me up
I see her alludly in the dazzling street
The majesty of the sun
The smoothness of the rum
The eyes as deep as the sky
The hair as dark as nigh…
Her lips are like sherry,
And with all the heavenly delight I started to carry….
The things she said
The word that ablaze
The wind amid, touch my mind that if she is..
The alluring fragrance of her breath
The cumin like dress she wears
There with the gentle pace she comes….
Her heels are high, her moves are righ,
With an umbrella in one hand she stands under the blazing sun,
She was a salve for my dreams
A tent for my sweets
So I gathered up with what’s mine and
With the tenor of a male I called her mine,
As I was full of ardour
So I looked at her
But there she was
Smiling at me,
Her smile was weird but was something I feared,
I arouse from my sleep
Artless as that to shear
The prophecy was true
“The shard was not to sheen
But to blew”
But the fragrance is still there
……………………….. Alas the shrill is what is far from true…