Arora Productions

Arora Productions is an Independent film production house founded by Mr. Jay Arora, currently an engineering student at the State Univerity of New York at Binghamton. The production group makes videos / short films on various genres.

The production house started with one single person (Jay) making videos and putting them up on youtube. Gradually his passion led him to a new level and he then started handling bigger projects in collaboration with the clubs on campus and several other individuals who had similar interests. Since then Arora Productions has evolved to a team of 17 crew members and 31 actors.

It was after 6 months of hard work that Arora Productions hit the local newspaper for the first time. The aim as mentioned by the founder himself, "is to make reality based films that entertain our audience and also makes this world a better place to live"

Currently, the group has been working on a short film (horror genre) and has announced the release date of the film to be September 2011. Along with this short film, also in the making is a comedy sitcom for the Indian audience and several short videos on various genres and informative videos.

If you are interested in working with Arora Productions admissions are always open, feel free to email us. Based on your written and video application, you will receive an email containing the results. Since the production group is independent and the production house does not earn any money, no one gets paid.