Arpit Palod

Student in Mumbai, India

An aspiring entrepreneur, I am a person with deep sense of consumer psychology. After having been observing Consumer behavior for many years not only in the real world but also in many case studies, I know what a consumer is thinking while watching a commercial or clicking an ad on google or Fb filling a lead generation form and making some of the most crucial decisions like buying a car or renting a home.

I always believe that 'We'​ comes before 'I' every where except in dictionary. I can make people work together so as to achieve the organizational goals as well as their own goals. I am a perfectionist to its max. I will always make sure that even the minutest details are thought over and worked out to give the best product.

Wherever I have worked I have always tried to optimize things to reduce time and repeated work involved. I love to drive the things my way to make it better for general use, be it bettertouchtool on my Macbook or the settings of my room. I am sure you’ll be amazed by some of them. One of my best qualities is I am a good learner especially in field of technology. Over these years I have used a lot of innovative Online Marketing and SEO strategies and also have learned from my mistakes.

I love making professional acquaintances. Reach out if you wanna talk startup, technology or biology at

Skills: Consumer Insights, Product Manager, DIgital Marketing, Team building and collaboration, Internet Research, Web Development, Social Media

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    • IIT Bombay