Arpita Chakraborty

New Delhi

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I love to build things and challenges keep me sane. Psychology graduate with a backrground of strengthening organization leadership - I am obsessed about focusing and excelling on things that matter.

Have worked with CXO teams of multiple organizations, articulated and implemented talent management strategies - with a focus on impacting botton line. Rolled out long term business solutions, products across business and customer segments for organizations.

As a Leadership Consultant with the world's best Human Resource Consulting firm, i understand "why people do what they do". And believe that is the fundamental way to do business.

Co founding GetEchoed - i gifted myself the opportunity to go full throttle in my entrepreneurial journey. GetEchoed is an attempt to create a dent in the way people act on their goals and passion - aimed at achieving one milestone at a time. Superfueled with a community of like minded DOERS; the platform enables you to stay inspired and inspire others.

We dont only do things because they are important. We do things because they make us better than what we are today! We do things because we want better world for ourselves. We operate in less than perfect conditions and a product that talks human behavior has to account for those inadequacies.

GetEchoed is an answer; a mode of expression on doing things that matter - with all the challenges and the imprefect realities.

The destination for "Doers in life" - unlocking passion; with one goal at a time! Meet me @getechoed

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    • Co founder - Get
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    • Psychology Graduate