Dr Arpita Sutradhar

New Delhi and Ranchi INDIA

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I started my career in Journalism that spanned thirteen years as a correspondent for the Print and Television media.I was a freelance journalist for the better part of my journalistic career and worked on News and Current Affairs programmes for National and Foreign Networks. During this period I worked closely with the underprivileged society and thus was driven by the desire to do something constructive for them.

As my career graph progresses to the 20th year, I am working towards building up the ecosystem. Livelihood literacy programs is a passion that now sees me working in the Barefoot Manager- A Livelihood market Literacy program at the Indian Institute of Management Ranchi

I have been teaching and counselling students in Business Communication and conducting Gender Awareness workshops for senior /Mid Level officials in PSU's and Government sector

I have my fair share of brickbats and accolades. So I say - 'hey lets just move on in life!

I hold a Doctorate. in English and writing short stories is a passion.

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