The first time I laid eyes on “The Scorpion King”, I got chills and I cried when I heard its story of discovery. When I watched the video hearing Campbell Bridges’ voice, the crystal in his hand…it was magical. There may never be a gem in our collection that speaks to me on a personal level quite like this one. The other super incredible tsavorite featured in Somewhere in the Rainbow is a 13.57ct rectangle cut from Kimolo. This stone has great history. We’ve learned that it started at over 15ct, was dropped and broken on a jeweler’s glass counter top (sigh) and had to be recut. There is one gem broker in the USA who has actually owned and sold this amazing gem 8 times since it was mined in 1979! Imagine, how does it make its way back to the same gem dealer 8 times? It’s a great story of romance, tragedy and rebirth…he won’t be getting the chance again anytime soon, as we love this beauty and Somewhere in the Rainbow will be keeping it as a prime example of Kimolo Mine tsavorite.

One of my favorite stories from the field is how The Scorpion King was discovered. There are two main tunnels at The Scorpion Mine that have yielded a considerable quantity and quality of material over the years. We have them designated as Tunnel 2 and Tunnel 4 (Bonanza). We had mined through about 30 meters of reef on Tunnel 2 without striking a single tsavorite pocket and were obviously in a barren zone. After about 6 months of no production, we decided to move on to some of our other tsavorite producing locations. Two years passed and one day my father woke up and said that he had a feeling we should go back to mining Tunnel 2. His prescience was of course correct and within 1 meter of where we had ceased mining two years prior, we struck the single largest tsavorite pocket on record!