Chris Arrendale

Software, Email Marketing, and Deliverability consultant with a proven record of accomplishment for enhancing organizations practices and visibility of e-mail marketing and software. A self-motivated, knowledgeable, and dependable professional, known for industry best practices when it comes to technology, email marketing, and deliverability. I have many years of experience in the software, email, deliverability, and technology industries. I continually speak and write about these topics, as well as consult.

Here are some of my most recent successes:

-Worked with a major furniture company to increase their deliverability rates from 57% to 94% in 2 months.

-Worked with a major online retailer on Thanksgiving to remove an ISP block for a "Black Friday" email special. The success in the "Black Friday" email resulted in the customer renewing for an additional 2 years.

-Transitioned a local ESP IP space from one datacenter to another. Assisted in IP warming, reputation monitoring, and blacklist alerting.

-Successfully moderated a major blacklist removal for a local ESP within a matter of 2 hours.

-Transitioned a law firm using multiple servers for software to utilizing the cloud for all of their practice management and database needs.

-Upgraded a major tractor company's practice management software and then transitioned that software to a virtual environment over 3000 miles away.

-Designed, customized, and successfully completed a web site devoted to home plans. Rankings from the site skyrocketed and the company is realizing major sales.

-Designed and published an iPhone app for a major law firm.

Email Best Practices
ISP relations
CAN-SPAM Compliance/Privacy
Abuse Prevention
Deliverability Consulting
Text Message Marketing
Writing PHP Scripts and Querying Databases
Practice Management Software
Salesforce Customization and Training
Time, Billing, and Accounting Software
Document Management Software
Document Assembly Software
Search Engine Optimization
iPhone Applications for Law Offices