Christopher Phelps

I am the founder and lead developer of Project Solarstorm. I also am working on about five vehicle projects (still in my head).

I love to play with software and get my hands dirty. With 10+ years of computer experience under my belt and a logged 5 years as a desktop technician, I have experience working with and servicing hundreds of different devices. My experience ranges from Android, Linux, Windows, and iOS (only with jailbreaking). I love to get my hands on new technology, and as such am working on creating a new Operating System from scratch.

Growing up in the rural areas of Vermont and New Hampshire I spent a lot of time messing with computers, and modding the original XBox. I do not consider myself to be a developer, but more so a hacker. Note :: in this instance hacker is used in the sense of a modder and/or someone that creates new instances of something, I do not hack networks and have no interest in doing so unless it is to learn how a network works, and to improve it.

I am not a social butterfly. I have many web personas the biggest of which is ArrogantPenguin, if you see this on any website it is most likely me. I can also be found sometimes using moggles, skrptktty, or pnguinpsychotix. I spend a lot of time on Twitter (@arrogantpenguin), and in the irc. I will assist others with computer issues every chance I get.