Arron Daniels

Sourcer in Houston, Texas

Arron Daniels

Sourcer in Houston, Texas

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I am a Recruiting Sourcer working for @HEBCareers, Founder of @Source_Houston, Army Veteran, StarWars/Trek geek, and gadget lover.

Because People Matter...

At HEB, this is what we live by from our corporate headquarters in San Antonio and in our stores across Texas. HEB has been serving Texans for more than 110 years. We are relentlessly dissatisfied and continue to improve every day. Here are a few interesting links about HEB.

History of HEB | Glass Door

I Recruit Like I Meant It...

Recruiting can be difficult if the latest tools, tactics, and tricks elude talent acquisition teams. I banded together some of Houston's brightest recruiters and sourcers to bring the latest and greatest in the recruiting industry here to Houston. Collaboration, hands on learning, and networking are our three tenants for @Source_Houston. If you're in Houston (or travel here) check us out.

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Want to talk HEB? Source Houston? Recruiting and Sourcing? Set an appointment and we'll connect. Be sure to have a look at my sites below as well.

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