Arron Hirst

Cheshire, UK

Hello, I'm Arron.

I work on the Internet.

Starting out his career as a professional UI and UX designer, Arron began writing on a freelance basis in the fall of 2008.

His passions include the love technology, and current affairs. Perhaps most known as the founder of RazorianFly, (which was later to become RazorianFly Limited), Arron has spent the last several years building the publication into a globally-recognized news brand.

He still owns and manages RazorianFly in his spare time.

Having written for a whole collection of app-related publications over the past few years, including the likes of and AppBoy, Arron previously owned graphic design studio - RFlyGD, and for a while had his own iOS development studio (RZRNFLY).

iSKINZA - his vinyl skins business which focused on providing professional, quality vinyl adesive skins designed specifically for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad - saw its conception and launch in the fall of 2009. It was later re-branded to RAZORIA.

Among all of the crazy though, Arron is a social media fanatic at heart, holding accounts on almost every socially-connected website available.

Wish to work with Arron, got a question or simply want to say hello? - You'll likely find him hanging out and doing his thing at the following places.

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