Randy Arrowood

Blogger in Newport, Kentucky

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I’m a 40 something early adopter of all things technology. I was first in line to buy my Verizon Droid AND my Apple iPad, third in line for my Wii U. I don’t hate your phone, tablet, game console or computer choice, but I have an opinion about each.

After a 15 year hiatus from gaming, I'm back in a big way. Over the last 2 years I've spent time buying up the consoles and games that I missed over my decade and a half in darkness. I lean heavily toward Nintendo, but I'm also warming to the PS3 as well.

Aside from my family, the only things that I love more than a new gadget or a video game release day are fly fishing and going to the ballpark. I blog from time to time about both.

I’m a sports photographer by trade, but have been working since 2011 as a technology blogger.

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