Juan Javier Guillen Arroyo

ACADEMIC TRAINING Master at Industrial Design / Degree at Industrial Design / Certified at Automotive Designer / Certified at Nx software / Certified an AutoCAD software.

CANDIDACY AND ACADEMIC REPRESENTATIONS Candidate to Scholarship holder of China - Mexico Business Program (Michoacan, Mx Government) / Technical Vocal of Research Committee (ITSCH) / Latin America Network of Design Member / Spanish Association of Automotive Professionals Member (Spain) / Candidate to Faculty Advisor by The Arts and Humanities (UNAM)

LATEST PUBLICATIONS Fórmula for Electric Cars: Education Non-Formal Learning Conducive (2011) / Using Haptic Technology in Teaching Computer-Aided Design (2011) / Ergonomics is a Story (2010)

LABORAL EXPERIENCE University Research Institute in the Automobile (Spain) / Volkswagen Factory / Technological Institute of Ciudad Hidalgo / Freelance Designer

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