Arsalan A. Somjee

Karachi, Pakistan

Arsalan A. Somjee

Karachi, Pakistan

Living in the city of lights, I am the prodigal son of a Global Operations Director and a Montessori Directress.

Academically, I am pursuing a degree in Psychology, with my sights set on Cognitive Science. I am a programmer, taking courses online related to CS, History of Art and Classics, Literature, Mind Sciences, Philosophy, Physics, Religion and Spirituality. I am currently doing two specializations: Data Science (JHUx) and Reasoning, Data Analysis and Writing (DUx).

Professionally, I am an Editor for the ODesk Enterprise Solutions. I have written for many technology related websites such as Accessory Genie, WikiHow, Livestrong, Hurley Bird; and was involved with NYT and BMR. I also work as a freelance writer on technology, travel and psychology related topics.

Recreationally, I am a scout for Pakistan Boy Scouts Association and have devoted myself consistently in community service with the Aga Khan Development Network for the past 12 years. A certified First Aider in the Community Emergency Response Team.

I read and write regularly; watch Classics, and listen to classical, rock and metal. I have a distinct taste in works of AlHallaj, Allen Poe, Beethoven, Bergman, Botticelli, Breton, Bukowski, Burroughs, Byron, Calvino, Confucious, Da Vinci, Dante, Dennet, Descartes, Dickens, Federico Felini, Galileo, Hitchcock, Hitler, James, Kafka, Kubrick, Led Zeppelin, Milton, Monty Python, Mozart, Murakami, Neruda, Picaso, Pollock, Pope, Rumi, Schomburg, Scorsese, Serafini, Swift, Tarantino, Tesla, Thoreau, Tolkien, Tolstoy, Umberto Eco, Van Gogh, Vonnegut, Woody Allen.

I have been an ardent critical thinker, I get high on caffeine, and relativity between ideas and thoughts, while enjoying making execution designs and blueprints of these ideas. Philosophy metaphysics, social humanism, and intellectual analysis are some of the interest areas. Recently, I have been into the entrepreneurial gig. I am an adventurer and tend to become a tramp whenever I am set footloose.

Keywords: Caves; Enclosed Spaces; Mind; Narcissism; Omnipotence; Auto-Psychic Resonance; Vagrancy; Logic; Realism; Nature; Realms;

Social Goals: Giving back to the community; economically self-sustainable civil societies; eradicating pluralistic ignorance.

Personal Goals: Become a Disaster Hunter; Find Thyself; Kill Thyself.

  • Work
    • Odesk
  • Education
    • Institute of Professional Psychology
    • Past: IBA