Arsalan A. Somjee

Psychologist, Small Business Owner, and Project Manager in Karachi, Pakistan

I am 25 years old and have a degree in Clinical and Cognitive Psychology. Academically, I have my sights set on becoming a Cognitive Scientist. I am currently enrolled in two specializations on Coursera: Data Science, and nearing completion in Data Visualization.

Professionally, I am working as a design thinker in the talent pool of Upwork Enterprise. I have moderate level experience in digital marketing and have aspired to be a growth hacker in recent times; however, my core strengths remain ideation and project management.

As a psychologist, I work as a Research Associate, Therapist, Psychometric Test Developer and Assessor. I have certification in ABA, CBT, NLP, EFT, Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy. I work in organizational settings to design test batteries for competencies for Human Resource Management and Workspace Dynamics. I have affiliation with APA and PACP.

As an entrepreneur, I currently own and run a travel company by the name of Destination Baanway (92 in Urdu), which specializes in alternative, adventure, corporate travel and retreats. I have been part of and founded various online small businesses in the niche of interior design, apparel, accessories and literature.

My core interest lies in research. My core areas of academic research have been cognitive psychology, computational neuroscience and quantum physics. My working thesis is on Quantum Processing Model of the Brain, an interdisciplinary approach to better understand neural networks through quantum physics.

Additionally, I have also done considerable research on prosocial behavior, organizational development, memory and cognition, cognitive processes and AI, and therapeutic interventions in mental health patients.

I have served as a community scout for IDBSAfor 10 years, and have done voluntary work with Aga Khan Education Services, KUMAK Pakistan and was also responsible for curriculum planning and development for Ski Schools of Pakistan Air Force.

I read and write regularly; have grown a liking of selected TV Shows and Movies,if time permits; a Pink Floyd, Tolkien and Beethoven devotee, FIFA and COD addict, an astronomy and technology aficionado.

My social goals include giving back to the community; helping create economically self-sustainable civil societies; and eradicating pluralistic ignorance in my country and beyond. My personal goals are to become a cognitive scientist; to help in creating technology that transcend human limi

  • Work
    • Upwork; Destination Baanway;
  • Education
    • Institute of Professional Psychology, Karachi
    • Institute of Business Administration, Karachi