Mirza Arsalan


18| 4 December | Shia-Muslim (Shia here just indicates that I love Ahlulbayt A.S and I follow this chool of thought. I dont believe in sect system) | Hezbollah <3 , this word always boosts me . Hezbollah is my life <3| Love Persian language | Love Iran |Love Imam Khemnei and Hassan Nasrullah, they are my idols | Dr. Ali Shariyati <3 <3, I try to follow his ideology :) Poetry lover | Fan of Allama Iqbal and Mirza Ghalib | Hussainy | Revolutionary | Trying to work for the cause of humanity and unity | Moderate | Peace | Love | Truth | Justice | Logical | Palestinian supporter | Margbar America and Israel (By this I am just against their policies and I have no grudges with common people) | Anti Zionist and extremists | Hate Terrorists and their ideolgy|#No2ISIS| Hate Illogical people | CYBER ACTIVIST | Islam is a religion of peace and humanity and this what I want to promote | Humanity should be given the first prefference since Islam means Humanity | I believe that everything has some logic behind it including the quranic verses and hadiths and we should try to find out that logic | Quran needs to be applied in our daily lives and its not a book to gain "Sawabs" only. Reciting Quran and learning Quran is a source of "Sawab" but thats not what quran wants from us. We should be in a position to understand quran| I just want to unite people under the flag of humanity which people in their language call as Islam |

  • Work
    • Cyber Activist
  • Education
    • Tyndale Biscoe and Mallinson High School