Jeffrey Arsenault

old greenwich

Jeffrey Arsenault from Greenwich, CT is a big star in local baseball. His parents were both athletes who each excelled in their own sport during their days. His father played for the varsity team of the University of Connecticut while his mother was a prize swimmer.

He was launched onto the world of sports at a young age where he played at the little league. In his senior in high school, he was allowed to play for the local junior baseball team.

His parents were a big influence on his career as they encouraged him to engage in sports.

His long-term goal is to become a professional baseball player and he thinks he can achieve it by playing excellently.

His team has joined the state championship but they lost twice in 2010 and 2012, during the quarterfinals.

Jeffrey Arsenault knows that the secret to victory lies in honing his skills and perfecting the craft. Hence he practices with his team regularly and engage in other activities to develop their physical and mental agility. He also attends baseball trainings to increase his knowledge about the sport and to understand the science behind the sport.

He hopes to play for the state team someday and compete in the World Series together with some of the best baseball athletes that he admires.

With his dedication and focus on baseball, Jeffrey Arsenault may also be considered a true sportsman in his own right.

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