Dyarda Friden


Sex: Female.

Interests: Photography,art,drawing,books,fashion.

Hobby: Drawing and painting are my greatest love.

Favorite music: In Flames,The Doors,Led Zeppelin,RHCP,Deep Purple...

Favorite musical instrument: Acoustic guitar,violin,drums.

Favorite websites: Tumblr,Instagram,9GAG.

Favorite TV show: South Park,Two and a Half Men,Criminal Minds,CSI: Miami,The Vampaire Diarise,Awkward,Beavis and Butt-Head,

Favorite movie: Little Red Riding Hood,Lord of Rings,Harry Potter, Hide and Seek,Science fiction film...

Favorite place to live: http://december-flower.tumblr.com/post/55038780284 <3

Favorite book: 'Discovery of witches' -Debora Harknes.

Favorite food: ALL!

Favorite color: Red and blue.

Favorite video game: World of Warcraft,LOL.