Arshad Ameer

I am an User Experience / User Interface - Engineer with over 2+ years of experience. It is my daily job to make a user interfaces with usability and accessibility features with regard to the Human Computer Interaction factors. I also have a clean touch to the latest web standards and designs. I develop both high and low fidelity prototypes with Photoshop and also work on developing wire frames(scratches) which are technically implementable. From the coding perspective, my skills reside in HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, and CSS. I focus on browser compatibility, usability, accessibility and designing aspects in the process of development for an user interface. I also have experience in working with PHP and JAVA (JSP/Struts 2) technologies.

I also have the knowledge of Business Information Systems & Management, and how to apply it resulting from my studies on the BSc in Business Information Systems & Management (BISM). With computer literacy and work experience. I am able to quickly identify and rectify problems in both a practical work sense and on an intellectual level. I have excellent attention to detail regarding, (written communication,) Administrative systems, report writing, online research, data analysis and orally in presentations. I communicate well with people at all levels, on both a professional and personal level, face-to-face or on ‘phone. I am keen to attain new skills to fulfill the duties of a developing environment or role as the situation demands.

Apart from the above crap abt me ;) , i am an open minded and easy going people's person. :).. Loves to make friends and enjoys every second in life.... Contact me if you want help in anything that i have mentioned above.