arshad hasnain

Bangalore, Karnataka, India

Arshad is an innate problem solver. When he is not fixing his own rack or hacking the ways to understand himself better he solves problems and improves methods to achieve great business outcomes.

He firmly believes that every Insufficiency is rooted in how things are done and thats not because of people who do them but what they are told, trained and inspired by.

Things don't improve not because people are ressitant to change but for systems that remain untouched and unknown, for they shall never be challenged, captured or improvised as their shall be no example set.

Changing for better is not sitting in a new posture, attending more meetings,conferences or assigning "adquate resources" Its about engaging with people and sharing the happiness of getting things done when they seem its extremely difficult.

  • Work
    • Consultant, Business Systems Analyst
  • Education
    • PGDBA (Marketing)