Web Developer, Game Developer, and Student in Shiraz, Iran

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My satisfaction happens when my right hand is moving the mouse and the left one is on the keyboard.

When someone says what do you like, When someone says what do you do, When someone says what can you do, When someone says what's your fantasy, I push the power button of my Laptop.

On one hand I love to perform a process of creating an animation or a movie visual effect completely by myself, so I tried to be a good 3d modeler, a good animator, and totaly a good CG Artist.

Some of my VFX works(Composition):

Fall of Spiderman (5 Secs)

Me and the Spider (32 Secs)

On the other hand I love programming, web developing and anything related to codes.

A good thing happens when these two hands combine together and that thing is maxscript. I'm not so well in maxscript but...

Some simple Maxscript projects of mine:

Cam Chain

Cam CvT

Patchy Shape


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  • Work
    • 3D Modeler
  • Education
    • Computer Engineering Student