Arsh Azim

Social Media & Content Manager in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

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Psychologist by degree. Writer, Blogger, Poetess, & Photographer by nature. Crowned Doctographer ♛

A Polyglot & Social Media Enthusiast

Always aiming to deal with my inside creativity and other skills to become what I've always dreamed of, a GOOD human being. I don't call myself a poet or a writer for I don't know what rules and regulations are to be followed but what makes me awriteris my feelings flowing throughout my world of imaginations and being expressed in a tone. Being sensitive and inspired from nature, I love to do photography. Blogging is my passion and content is myspecialty. I can play too well with words BTW. My attachment with the basketball is just like a body's attachment with the soul. My other half is my family and we are meant to be. Music makes me write at my best. ♫ and lessons of life makes me a good counselor. Highly blessed I am, first of all, for being a Muslim, secondly for being someone for whom relationships matter the most and thirdly for being considered as a leader in most of the activities :) - titled as a Doctographer by a pen friend ♛

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