Arslan Sohail

Hi Dear Viewers!

My name is Arslan, but my friends call me 'Arsi' or 'Arslani'. I'm from Pakistan and I'm living in Spain. I'm 16 years old and I'm a secondary school student, my favorite subjects are English, P.E, T.I.C, Maths and Technology.

I'm a computer enginier, I like making high quality web pages, I like to be a photographer, because I'm really interested in having best pics by me and edit them, I'm a photoshop editer, you can call me 'PHOTOSHOP PROFESSIONAL' and now I'm trying to get control on someones computer (Hacking stuff) I know that's illegal, but I'm gona do this with my friends like 'TROLLL'.

The languages ​​I speak are Urdu, Punjabi, Hindi, Català, Castellano / Español, English.

What I would like to learn?

So i would like to learn the programming language 'PYTHON', 3D, C/C++_, Photography, the language German, the language Russian, more stuff of HACKING, more programming LANGUAGES, and a lot more ...

Ya and that's all about me! :D. I hope you liked my biography...

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