artapri (vaultbois.culo)

full time nerd and weeb in Why, Arizona

artapri (vaultbois.culo)

full time nerd and weeb in Why, Arizona

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hi, ok, so I'm kaylee, 14, and I go to MHS (you go to mhs? dm me and I'll figure out who you are !) 🌸

I'm as single as I'll ever be and I'm honestly happy with it (not implying I don't wanna be in a relationship, but implying that I don't care that I'm single lol) 😘

I really like to draw, music, video games, gorrilaz (that counts as music, but I gotta be SPECIFIC), dogs, haikyuu!!, and a lot of other stuff so I guess that's good 👀

if you can't see me in the icon, dm me! and if I know who you are, I'll send you a picture to see if you recognize me!

I don't post only selfies, so if you only want to see selfies, don't request!! (same vise-versa, if you don't wanna see selfies, don't request to follow!!) 😜

a note: there's a chance I won't follow back, it depends on who you are. so if you wanna follow me just to get me to follow back, and then unfollow after, I most likely won't follow you anyways, I only really follow close friends or just friends I know ;) (I know the tricks)

I like every post in my feed, so if you don't like the spam from likes (for example: if you post a lot at once) just dm me and I'll try my best to not to !

if I don't know you at all, don't bother requesting, please and thanks. 🔫

the only other social media I have:

(yes you have to copy and paste it, or just search up the name, whatever you wanna do)

(thats where I just reblog a lot of the stuff I like !!!beware of anime!!! so if you wanna see selfies there, you wont)

if you wanna know my number/kik show me who you are and what school you go to (in dm) and I MIGHT just tell you 💖

so, basically, if you're planning on requesting me, make sure to dm me so I know who you are, or I probably won't accept !!

I think that's all I need to put :o