Art Borders

I am a self motivated entrepneur that has many skills in many fields but I would like for you to know that music drives my soul... "I love being music"! I have a Band by the name of Ancient Robotz a great group of musicians I like to call out style of music digital vintage. if you can please come by and follow us on twitter and facebook or e-mail us we are base in Seattle we play all and I do mean all Genres of music me I was born in St. Louis Mo. moved around to a few different cities we my parents and siblings I think at a young age growing up in a family that believed in God and we went to church often I went to a COGIC church so pentecostal was the movement now I am non denominational I believe in God I love playing music full time like with the different churches from baptist to international movements all the way to my own Band I started the botz in 2009 with some friends I headed this band being the most musically talented we did a few shows and now we are still in the movement waiting on our DEAL (hint) come be apart we need your support I need your Support I have a few motto's that I live by and that is Imagine, Believe, Create, Recieve!!!!! also it's not the difference it's what we have in common!!!!! now I can Live.