David Farnsworth

A visual artist living in Palm Springs California since 1999, my focus in watercolor, pen and ink and illustration has shifted recently to include ceramics. I have no formal training as a visual artist but found it a sanctuary after pursuit of a career as an actor in the 1980's. My painting career began in the Pacific Northwest with gallery exhibits of watercolor paintings in Seattle WA., Portland OR., San Francisco, CA., and, Boise, ID. from 1983-1999. I paint and sculpt from memory and imagination. It is a map of revelations for me on a personal level. With distance, I often see the larger story and love the narrative others can attach to the work. Somehow it belongs to me and yet it is its own. There is power in the making of a hundred works of art when one arrives that informs about life and spirit . The process is treasure to be shared. I have been working at Silica Ceramic Studio since summer of 2007, hand building pots, boxes, swimmers, dog vessels and elemental busts. I love how dimensional work informs my painting and vice-versa. It is a huge gift and a divine spark to work with phenominal artisans in a studio enviornment, inspiring and life affirming.