Heidi Bada

Canada - available online

While seeking traditional work, I keep my skills fresh by offering art and counselling skills online. Between jobs, I participate in group projects and leadership roles. In my off hours, I draw, paint, photograph, and learn new software functions. Oh, and I like outdoor fitness activities and playing video games, too.

When in a group or even an online team project, I like to listen and learn. I'm motivated by clients' needs. The variety of peoples' talents that can be applied to solving a problem also drives me. I like to join the right person with the right task, but also challenge them and help others gain confidence and leadership experience. Plus, I lend humour when possible. You may notice this in my art hobbies, computer tutoring, and brainstorming!

I appreciate your interest in learning more about how I could be a great asset to your workplace, art project, or volunteer team.

You'll find me all over the internet, if you do a Google search for my name.

You might say I'm resourceful as well: I earn my living as a freelancer with 5-star ratings on several online work pools. As I learn new techniques or philosophies, I judge their merits and constantly evolve (and improve) my writing, speaking, visual design, and strategic thinking to create ever-more useful input to help solve others problems.

The best way to learn about my work fields is in my LinkedIn profile, where you'll see details of my degree, skills, volunteer positions, samples of written and visual work, and my background in administration, customer service, and non-profits.

I'm always available by email to answer questions.

  • Work
    • University of Victoria
  • Education
    • University degree with studies in social sciences, art, and writing