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The art is something you can’t express in words,but it can only be observed with the depth of the eyes and not everyone has theintellectual mindset to understand the art. When planning to launch a successfularts event, you need the perfect artists, perfect audience and a partner forthe perfect events and art advisory to make it a great success. Taking help ofthe professional companies like Art Design Box is the right choiceto launch a successful event at an art gallery Milano or any other location. Theseprofessionals are experts at helping the organizers get in touch with their ownand tailored target audience that would love to enjoy their collection of artand would also appreciate the efforts put by the artist on it. Art Design Boxis one of the leading communication agencies in Italy that provides integratedcommunication and events for institutions and brands with focus on the art.

Our Agency received the endorsement of Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera – Milano and can guarantee a network of artists and designers and/or link with International Institutions ( for ex. Akademie für Handwerksdesign and many other especially in France, Czechoslovakia, and Croatia).