Carlos Manuel Martinez

Design Thinker, Consultant, and Trainer in Fort Worth, Texas

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Currently, I manage and develop Postvant, an experience design project and a exclusive lifelong learning chart model. My primary responsibility is to sustain its mission & purpose, evolving and adapting, converging and opening, transforming through challenges.

Side by side, I like to be involved in conversations that can bring clarity to personal & professional development. You are welcome to interact or contact me to find out the scope of my ideas or projects.

I think it will be interesting to informally untangle your "about me" in relation to "me" by asking:

What is your transformative passion?

How you measure your 'self-sufficient' self, compared to your real world situation?

What make your life fun and how long can you hold your breath underwater?

Can you interact with interested peers to define ideas and clarify their feasibility?

What's your life project?

Are you a risk taker initiating a life change, fusing ideas into a new approach?

What kind of impact you think you can accomplish with your current acumen and progress?

What's your current assignment?

How are you doing and how do you meet these challenges?

Who's in line with your market, product, workflow, idea, project or business objective?

Which process(es) defines your current activity line: proliferation, repetition, discourse, differentiation, planning, adaptation, chance, creativity, innovation, disruption?

What method do you use to define the implications of your concepts?

Who can be your prospective match for interaction, exchange or review of your ideas?

What constraints do you have to advance your idea or project?

What is your ideal collaborative proposition?

What resources do you have to communicate and collaborate?

How much time do you have available for an informal input-output chat?

Can you construct a balance between your particular self-definition and a group performance, commitment or image?

What is the difference between short and long term - to sustain a venture?

What's your time management strategy? Do you have time to greet & smile?

Things about me. What about you?

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