Artemios Kasomoulis

Artemios Kasomoulis

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Hello, I’m Artemios. I’m an enthusiast of Business, Entrepreneurship, Technology and Internet of Things. Always looking for the right way to help and be useful through my work. I think that we need to act for a better world.

I’m really passionate about my work and always try to learn more and improve my skills and technics. While I enjoy all aspects of my job, I think my favorite stage of a project is working with the client or business unit leader so as to understand his or her business objectives. As we go through that collaborative process, the ideas start to flow and that’s always the fun part.

I’m always interested in hearing from interesting creative folk or just help you with a project, so feel free to contact me and tell me more. You will always find me online!

The worst thing in my life is, not do anything!