Artem Moshkovich

I'm a 20-something thrilled to be making my transition to California!

I was previously involved in media, marketing, and design work on the East Coast, though I've been fortunate enough to become a Featured Columnist for Bleacher Report, with published articles read by countless readers around the world. Over the years, I've developed intimate relationships with a rich handful of executives from various industries, offering technology and design consultation from concept to completion. Whether I'm dealing with a grassroots startup or a manufacturing powerhouse, I can establish the software platform to take any company's productivity and information management to the next level. Todoist, Evernote, Trello, Adobe Design Suite and countless other cutting-edge software platforms are the weapons I harness to make the dream become a reality.

Technology is my lifeblood, and I use it to launch myself headfirst toward new challenges. If you have an idea, I can paint the big picture for you and employ the right tools to see it through to success. There are no unsolvable problems, only obstacles yet to be overcome.

Critical and analytical, I'm always striving to refine and improve. I value the ideals of intellect, reason, and skepticism—revere the teachings of Voltaire, Spinoza, Harris, and Hitchens. Externally, I'm stoic and composed. Internally, I have a soft spot for my beloved girlfriend and our dogs.

Trying to maximize the here and now. Paving my own trail for the future...

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