Egberto Melo Moreira Jr.

I am a scientist by training. My first degree in in geosciences... But over the years I started developing a project which is related to my childhood early days. When I used to watch my beloved grandmother working our homemade dough until it became the staff of life... Bread!

The Arte-Sanna Atelier - Artisan Sourdough Breads is a comprehensive community endeavor which will integrate our Madeira Island regional micro-farmers and revitalize both their heritage terraces and the almost extinct historic watermills.

The Arte-Sanna Project envisions the rebirth of our most genuine and ethnographic traditions, by endowing our breads with transversal societal principles - in short, making bread that bears humanity in itself - foodstuff evolved from the common nutritional projection to a superior dimension...

Bread can then be a truly transcendental food, for it feeds kinaesthesically our senses, but our soul too.