Faith Mclaine

Newcastle Upon Tyne, Uk

I am a graphic designer/web designer/3D modeler/Artist in need of an apprenticeship or a job : )

This is my story about my relationship with Art and the cruel world:

Ever since I was little I could draw in class I would doodle and when it was time to take my GCSE's I took Art however I was going through a rough patch at the time and due to bullying and an absolute lack of self confidence I sat my exam and recieved a C. I then went on to fail in A level Psychology (why I took this I have no idea) , Law and English life got worse as my home life revealed itself on my grades. This is not a sob story but a true one I proceeded to get scammed by an apprenticeship in Sunderland that promised me a job, 3 months went by I had handed all my work in for my Level 2 Digital Media turns out I never recieved the result as they were just after the money they could get from the government £2000 each apprentice and then they ditched me.

So this leaves me if any of you are reading this and you know that there is something you can do to help like hire me as an apprentice or give me some pointers they would be most welcome.

: )

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