Artflute in an online creative community for Artists, Art Enthusiasts and Art lovers. A fun and futuristic ride into the wonderful world of Art.Artflute is for every kind of collector and artist… from young collectors to veterans, from young artists to Masters.

Artflute is not just about buying and selling artwork, it is about sharing ideas through the blog, its about getting inspired by works from other artists and art schools, it’s about watching videos and every artist owing their own little gallery.We have a vision but lets just say Artflute is a fun, interactive platform that has been created after numerous pages of design and hundreds of cups of coffee.

More seriously, Artflute is India’s only Art marketplace, is a social entrepreneurial venture and isn’t just a means to a paycheck. It’s a mission: a mission to change the way Indian Contemporary Art is showcased to the world; a mission to promote Indian Art and Artists; a mission to showcase an exponential number of artists who may have had to choose alternate vocations due to economic reasons. Its is a movement to allow artists to become business people without losing their Artist-ness.