ArtForm Pilates

Since founding ArtForm Studio in 2002, Viktor and Kelly Uygan, have been committed to their passion for creating programs which allow people to reach their potential and change their lives by conditioning their bodies and achieving balance in all aspects of their lives. Both Viktor and Kelly have had great success in the discipline of dance and found their backgrounds in dance easily transferred to Mind Body conditioning such as Pilates and BodyCode making them ideal teachers and trainers for these methods.

ArtForm Studio is a fully equipped facility where you will find a comfortable, relaxed non-competitive atmosphere. You will experience wonderful energy while working in its surroundings with warm and caring attitudes of highly skilled professionals trained from third generation Pilates and from the creator of the Body Code System.

The instructors will guide and encourage through fresh new concepts of fitness and new insights into your self. They will help you design an exercise program that not only brings out great results in the way you look but will instill in you happiness and a sense of well being that you can take home for years to come.