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Artist in Джерсі-Сіті, Сполучені Штати Америки

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Welcome to Galician Stained Glass where we honor imagination and tradition with dynamic handcrafted art. We offer the finest European craftsmanship available in the stained glass industry from our conveniently located Jersey City workshop. When you visit Galician Stained Glass, you will encounter stained glass art as you have never seen it with our inspired, modern take on this time honored art. Stained glass is most commonly associated with church and cathedral window art, but we specialize in bringing lively visual art into all venues including your home, office, and public buildings. We pride ourselves on our versatility, and produce both traditional style work, unique contemporary stained glass artwork, and perform stained glass restoration work. At Galician Stained Glass we utilize the Tiffany Technique and work with the highest quality hand blown glass from America and Japan. Every piece we create is hand made in America in our New Jersey workshop.

The peculiarities of modern production are more than broad, but manual work is one of the best options for obtaining a genuine masterpiece.Handmade mosaic is a good example of this, because in the hands of a talented master the small colored pieces turn into a complete image of whatever one likes.

The word “mosaic” in Latin sounds like “musium”, which means “dedicated to the muses.” This type of decoration, which can be called even art has deep historical roots. Its occurrence is associated with ancient era. Today mosaic becomes popular again, it can be seen in saunas, swimming pools, exhibition halls, cafes, hotels, shops and, of course, cottages or apartments. Made of small pieces of paintings and panels, they become the perfect complement to the interior or even its complete design.

Glass handmade mosaic tiles is the most popular option

There are a lot of materials from which the mosaic is done. Including following:

handmade ceramic mosaic tiles;
– Stone;
– Glass and one of its varieties – smalt, in which sodium salt is replaced by sodium potassium;
– Metal;
– Precious metals (gold and platinum) and stones.

All of them give the same opportunity to create a beautiful picture or decoration that will be not only attractive, but also will give the interior a particularly subtle taste and luxury. However, the most popular and traditional variant is still a glass mosaic. It is generally used Venetian glass for its production, which has some benefits for that particular case. Primarily this material is frostproof