Arthel Neville

The theme of trailblazing has followed Arthel Neville repeatedly in her award-winning career in broadcasting and news, as well as on the syndication and entertainment front. In 1991, Neville landed a national spot with the newly launched E! Entertainment Television. She hosted and produced Extreme Closeup; a one-on-one celebrity interview show, becoming the nation’s first high profile African American female entertainment reporter. Neville didn’t stop there. Four years later she launched Extra. With this bold move, Neville would become the first African American female to front a nationally syndicated entertainment news show. Neville brought her yet-to-be-seen vivacious, engaging, easy, witty and smart style to million of viewers nightly.

Neville then set her sights on the burgeoning field of cable news and joined the #1 cable news network, Fox News Channel. Among her reporting duties, she was also a weekly contributor on The O’Reilly Factor, their #1 show to this day. Neville also signed on as a senior correspondent for Fox’s syndicated news magazine Fox Files. While at the Fox News Channel, in 2002, Neville was personally asked to join the ranks of CNN by Walter Isaacson She became the first African American female to host her own daily show on the network, Talkback Live with Arthel Neville.

After CNN, Neville rejoined Fox (20th Television) in Los Angeles as the West Coast bureau chief for Geraldo-At-Large and as a correspondent for A Current Affair, where her coverage of Hurricane Katrina garnered critical acclaim. In 2010, Arthel Neville returned to Fox News Channel, anchoring from their world headquarters in New York as the weekend anchor on the cable news giant. She has also anchored on America’s Newsroom, America Live with Megyn Kelly and Happening Now and is a contributor on The O’Reilly Factor.

With a passion for storytelling and strong producing skills, Neville is perched to take off on the next phase of an already successful career. Soon she will bring her voice and perspective to other creative, exciting outlets. A longtime trailblazer, Neville shows no signs of stopping.