Arthi A

Hi , I am Arthi living in Chennai with my lovely family who have been there during my best and worst times. To tell a long story short, Not sure how this all triggered, Passion towards writing anything of what I felt was always within me , I am a person who always prefers to pen down my thoughts . I decided one morning why not pursue my passion in an organised way, there it all started , Here I am introducing myself :)

My family comprises of my Husband and My Cute little Kids, Amma , Appa and My dearest Brother. They Would not have the slightest of idea that I am actually beginning to write Blogs :)

However this being my passion , I am working in a private firm striving towards my career aspirations :). My love for travelling and experimenting international cuisines are a part of me. Which I wouldn't mind doing even if it was to be a part of my daily routine.

Thats about me , The real me would unfold as I keep writing. :)